Kayendee are leaders in designing and manufacturing point of sale display for the cosmetics industry. We realise that a well presented cosmetic display will attract the customer. The right cosmetic display will enhance your products to give that leading edge.

We are known for our innovative designs and use of plastic material. Your choice of clear, coloured, tinted acrylic or “glass-look” acrylic with the use of coloured mirrors and screen printing or vinyl lettering will define your cosmetic range.

The design can be customised to perfectly fit your product, display any number of products on multiple levels, include a screen-printed logo or feature a header or sign holder for advertisements to identify your brand.

Cosmetic display cubes, risers and panels are a simple yet effective way to display your products. Cubes and risers allow you to quickly and easily display products on multiple levels to catch the eye of customers. Panels can distinguish your product from others or serve as a simply display for samples.

We work with small start-up companies, distributors and retailers of all sizes. We can manufacture a cosmetic display you are currently using or we can help design a custom cosmetic display to fit your display product and the environment in which it will be sold.

Email or phone us with your queries or designs – we are ready to help make your cosmetic display.