As all Business Owners and Managers know, safety panel screens are now mandatory for most industrial machinery applications as either a machine guards to prevent to prevent workplace injuries or to provide zoned safety fencing around a machinery cell.

Machine guards on all types of industrial machines can have several functions. In some industrial processes very high speeds can be developed within the machines and the operators have to be protected from potential objects being projected at them at high speeds from within the machine. Polycarbonate sheets offer the highest possible protection while safeguarding a clear sight on the production process.

In harsh chemically aggressive environments, it may be necessary to use Coated Polycarbonate sheet, which has a protective glass like coating on both surfaces, making its surface almost inert to any chemicals being splashed onto it.

In several other industrial processes, requirements are less high. Mechanical movements at low speed can occur. Machine guards are often used to avoid the operator interfering with the production process and thereby being potentially harmed. In such cases, Polyester (PETG) sheets offer a good alternative: good impact strength, high optical clarity and the possibility of making more complex shapes through thermoforming. We can provide noise reduction screens and booths to help with the impact of noise levels in your workplace.

We will customise machine guards to your requirements to ensure that safety regulations are met.